kuda gayo by zikuziku

kuda gayo

by zikuziku in Paint


PACU horse in Gayo, initially just for fun activity village youth. After the rice harvest season around Lake Sea Fresh, young children catching horse with a sarong kerkeliaran without telling owner and raced. Then, there was the social intraksi, where the jockeys from each village agreed to create antarakampung horse racing game.

Without realizing it, these activities since the early 1930's, became an annual tradition. At that time, its implementation is very simple. The committee was formed together and choose the field "Musara Square" as the only arena battle. 1956's (along with the birth UU.No.7 Drt/1956 and Law. No.. 24/1956 Central Aceh district formation), implementation of the racetrack is taken over by the Government of Central Aceh. In the period of the 1950's, the origin of the village Kenawat racehorse, Gelelungi, Pegasing, plumpness and Star, arguably the most active in this race.

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