The Midnight Game. II by zemotion

The Midnight Game. II

by zemotion in Photography

Models: Shaoyang (left), Kagetsuki (right)
Photo/direction: me
Makeup/hair/styling by models
Dresses from Mary Magdalene, shoes on Kagetsuki from Moi-m�me-Moiti�.

© Zhang Jingna

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  • runebal
  • raivenSykes


    Gothic style?? just like lolita !

    Jul 4th, 2011 Reply
  • SuharLeonheart


    Superb pose, elements & details

    Jun 27th, 2011 Reply
  • Jantine


    Very nice portrait (and very nice shoes ;))

    May 31st, 2011 Reply
  • perspective


    This is awesome. I love the palette, how the red pops on the washed grey tones. This image looks like a piece of digital concept art brought to life. I really like this one.

    Nov 19th, 2009 Reply
  • DGangJ


    Its true, damn those boots :P
    i'll make enii's words my own aswell.

    gotta say that i just love the color theme in this shot.

    Dec 24th, 2007 Reply
  • enii


    Jingnaaaaaa! I love your work. This is very lolita-themed; the costumes are gorgeous and the models do them justice. I love your direction in this piece. The lighting is gorgeous and you've photographed them like porcelain dolls. I agree with FIXXX, however, in that Kagetsuki's shoes seem out of place and kind of wild in an otherwise prim scene, and they draw my eyes too often from looking at the overall photograph. May I ask where this was taken? The sofa looks highly comfortable and I love the decor piece/(mirror?) behind the models.

    Dec 22nd, 2007 Reply


    Has something of anime in it !
    I like the chinese model, her hair frames the face just right!
    Dont know why, but the shoes on Kagetsuki are too preposterous for the scene .. but i've never seemed to like this kind of shoes.
    The sofa is wonderfull and the background wokrs fine.

    Dec 21st, 2007 Reply