Riddian Queen Of Fire by xzendor7

Riddian Queen Of Fire

by xzendor7 in Xzendor7 Fractal Artwork

The Riddian Queen Is Highlighted With Layered Swirls Of Fiery Looking Fractal Elements And A Fire Crown With Her Upper Figure Floating Above Stone Looking Fractals On Which Glowing Fire Structures Sit.

A More Elaborate Version Of This The "Riddian Queen Of Cosmic Fire" Can Be Viewed At My Website - http://www.xzendor7.com/Riddian-Queen-Of-Cosmic-Fire.php

Riddian Queen Of Fire Is Composed Of 102 Fractal Objects Comprising 28 Fractal Elements That Were Created Using The Fractron 9000 Fractal Generator, Post Processed And Assembled In The Photo Elements Image Editor.

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