But We Can by xexilia

But We Can

by xexilia in Eternity Concepts

So, when I got this idea, I wanted to make a series of images I planned to call 'Characters with Guns from Series Without Guns" or "Pointless Gun Pictures" or the like. The above character is one of my own, Ezra, from the mature manga Eternity Concepts Warning: Mature

This image is a parody of propaganda posters and not a serious call-to-arms or such; The guns provide a contrast that while anyone can obtain a gun license in the US and commit an act of extreme hate. . .not everyone can get a marriage license and commit an act of extreme love. I wanted to make the viewer consider how much easier one over the other is to get, which of the two poses an actual danger, and consider the fact that America was founded upon revolution--or change.

Unfortunately, while we've come along way in this country, we've still yet to learn that when we deny people their rights--they eventually do rise up and fight for them. This artist thinks it would save everyone a whole lot of effort if we just treated everyone as equals--with equal rights to equal things, regardless of age, race, eye color, sexuality, gender--or anything else.

Ideally, though, this artist also feels guns are very dangerous, and should have more laws in place surrounding their accessibility; Marriage? Not so much.

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  • demoninlove


    ORIGINAL THOUGHT translated into original concept imaging. Well done

    Jan 29th, 2014 Reply