Commander Shepard by x107

Commander Shepard

by x107 in Digital Paintings

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  • Madbat


    Yes, this is awesome! (slap me silly, but I STILL haven't played this game!)

    Jan 28th, 2013 Reply
    • x107


      Thanks Madbat! If you get a chance I would highly recommend getting the game.

      Jan 29th, 2013 Reply
    • Madbat


      Oh I have the first The rest I'll have to get. I think I may, people who play this all seem to love the game series

      Jan 29th, 2013 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    wonderful and great work

    Jan 24th, 2013 Reply Shadowness Staff
  • Lucifer


    this is awesome! :)

    Jan 24th, 2013 Reply who wants a hug?