A Dark Night by waterfall24

A Dark Night

by waterfall24 in 2012

Now on INSTAGRAM - @waterfall24

With my New Bamboo tablet (still getting the hang of it) and photoshop

Stock Credits:

Evil Queen : http://browse.deviantart.com/resources/?q=Evil+Queen+stock#/d287ko5

Swan 03:http://aussiegal7.deviantart.com/art/Swan-03-153340411?q=favby%3Awaterfall24%2F45316448&qo=31

Background 20 3000X3000b:http://frostbo.deviantart.com/art/Background-20-3000X3000-269132903?q=favby%3Awaterfall24%2F45316455&qo=159

Stock 26:http://mirellasantana.deviantart.com/art/Stock-26-204797721?q=favby%3Awaterfall24%2F45316455&qo=67
Background: user no longer on devaintart

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