One Nation by vivalanat

One Nation

by vivalanat in Vector Artworks

Philippines--a land of beauty and riches. Many fight over the seat of power that governs it; factions represented by different colors fight one another to gain control over it. While the throne that controls this land of beauty and riches seems to glitter with promises of glamour and power, the seat is surrounded by many pervading ugly issues--poverty, crimes, corruption, lack of reforms in the health and educational sector, an economy that fails to generate jobs to keep people from leaving the country, etc. Before this country can restore its pride and place in the world, the land of riches and beauty has to achieve one feat--unity among its people. No Filipino has to wear any color that represent a faction; every Filipino has to wear her own skin.

It is only by being united as people, under one color, will the country be able to dissolve the ugly issues surrounding it, and restore its aura of beauty and riches that the world has once seen and admired.

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