Ang Paghihintay (Waiting) by vivalanat

Ang Paghihintay (Waiting)

by vivalanat in Vector Artworks

Waiting (english version)

I did not ask you to love me deeply
My only wish, is for us not to surrender the past
What I have done before was wrong
And I have long regretted it

But, everything seems late now
With each passing day, I feel
You will no longer return
And the yearning of my heart will not be quenched

I tried to forget you oh dear
But even the stars won’t agree
The wind whispered to me that you will return
And soon, we will be together

But my heart questions again
Until when will I wait?
Then it answered
For a lifetime

words by Joyce Aralar
artwork by vivalanat

thanks kidchan for the inspiration

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