Illustrator •

Valenzuela, Philippines

Citizen. Artist. Idealist. Hero-wanna-be.

I would say Ultraman created Vivalanat.

During my first encounter with Ultraman as a kid, I had become so pre-occupied with the thoughts of heroes, ideals, changing the world, helping the society. I was so fond of Ultraman so much that I started to draw doodles of the hero in the pages of his school notes. Little did I know, Ultraman was doing something to me as kid. I started to like colors, shapes, imagery and I found out that I had magical powers too, using my hand and my imagination. When the I realized this growing flame within my heart called passion, the artist, within me was born.

Like any artist who adapt to the tides of time, I chose the most recent media in order to express my art. I studied graphic design in order to channel my passion using modern tools and techniques, such as the Vector. The tools may have changed, the techniques may have improved but I'am still the same--the Ultraman whose superpowers (in order to change the world and help society) lies not in martial arts, but in digital arts. my ideals are still intact, and I am more than willing now to use my art to inspire others and create a lasting change in people's lives.