Photographer •

Tacloban, Philippines

i'm the type of girl who...
can [never] make up her mind about anything
trips over anything & everything
could never go a day without laughing
runs up the stairs at night because
shes scared something might be ''-> chasing her
p r e t e n d s to text in those awkward situations
saves those cute text messages ♥
could live without ma parents :D
never leaves the house without her ipod && cellphone :)
who's the last to realize "flo rida" spells Florida
b u t t h a t s j u s t m e .

I am tired of......
-of all the lies
-being told i can't understand then told i am so smart
-trying to be perfect for them
-all the memories
-all the hurt
-being in the middle
-expecting to much
-being strong
-losing people
-the secrecy
-being shut out
-their tears and mine
-all the yelling
-of being protected with lies
-of only having stuffed shoulders to cry on
They already worry to much. It would hurt if i told them. But they hurt me they worried me. I need to be considerate, caring, nice, protecting, and for giving. But i am tired of all that. I am tired of keeping it all in. I am tired of it all.

I'm a lover and a fighter, & I love God with a passion. I get hurt easily, but I'm working on it. I party, sleep, and think too much but I get my stuff done. I have a huge weakness for sweet talkers and smiles, but I'm learning and enforcing my boundaries. I don't let many people in, but once they're in, they're there forever. I'm strong and independent and I've been broken, nearly shattered. Honestly, I'm just a messed up girl looking for my own piece of mind, I'm not perfect.

I spill crap, trip, and embarrass myself. I can't just flutter my eyes and get that boy. My life is messed up. I've been through more crap than you see on TV. Nobody's perfect. I've been lied to, cheated on, and had my heart stolen. I love God, & try my best at times to live fully for him, but I've messed up, messed people up, and been messed up. But every hit was worth it, because I felt it. I learned from it. I knew it was real. Life is real, and I'm living it wrong everyday. I'm messing up royally and doing everything opposite. My life is in God's hands and no stupid girl or immature boys can mess it up for me anymore. I'm the real deal and I'd love to see you try and break me anymore.

but being like this just isn't ME. I just don't know who i am anymore.

(I probably wont get anyone who is going through the same thing so add to your favorites if you have sympathy.)

I’m pretty, but I’m not beautiful. I sin but I’m not the devil. I’m good but I’m not an angel ^.^" not single && im not taken. im just waiting for the one who has my heart ♥

I am who I am