Survival by vanhaaggen


by vanhaaggen in Personal Work

I had a lot of fun while I work on it. Lately I'm watching a lot of zombie-horror movies, actually I don't like this kind of genre so I supose it has to do with a life stage. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this work. Zombies are trendy. Don't be scared ;)

You can see a detailed view and a step by step gif. here:

I hope your enjoy my work ^^

Model: Me
Some stockers: ~ParanoidFreaksStock, ~Felixdeon, ~mimose-stock, Thanks for you stock.
You will see a pic of Jerseys skyline in the background near the castel. This pic has a special license (GNU Free doc license), to be legal ;), I Attribute this pic to: DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Thanks for stopping by
Have a nice day :)

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