Fourth Circle // GREED by vanhaaggen

Fourth Circle // GREED

by vanhaaggen in Personal Work

Those whose attitude toward material goods deviated from the appropriate mean are punished in the fourth circle. They include the avaricious or miserly (including many "clergymen, and popes and cardinals"), who hoarded possessions, and the prodigal, who squandered them. The two groups are guarded by a figure Dante names as Pluto, either Pluto the classical ruler of the underworld or Plutus the Greek god of wealth (who uses the cryptic phrase Papé Satàn, papé Satàn aleppe), but Virgil protects Dante from him. The two groups joust, using as weapons great weights which they push with their chests.

Dante includes many men of god to be punished in this circle because of their avariciousness and their tendency to lie to the folk.
Both in the past as nowadays many atrocities were committed in the name of god.

Stock I used:
`FantasyStock , *CAStock , ^PirateLotus-Stock , ~dangerous-stock , *Pau-Norontaus , *MD-Arts , =RaeyenIrael-Stock

I would use the opportunity to give a big THANK YOU to all the stockers for his great job, without them many digital artists would have trouble xD

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