artist •

merzig, germany

I am a German graphic artist creates for many years for the German SciFi fandom graphics.
The first pictures were taken in 1998 for the eZine Terracom and from 2001 for the Perry Rhodan Fanserie Dorgon.

Until 2007, I limited myself to graphic really just the publications of the PROC.

The years 2002 and 2003 were devoted to home reconstruction through my other creativities.

As of 2006, my contacts in other SF were more intense.

Also the fact that I took over the editorship of the non-commercial Terracom ezines. I also joined the SFCD (
Science Fiction Club Germany) at. So that I caused by my
Terracom SFCD contacts and gradually cover and Innenillus for
several eZine, magazines and books do semiproffesionelle.
I'm not going to stick to one style even if the recognition value will be lost, perhaps.
But the surreal vision of nature and the style but increasingly irritating me. Steampunk do not forget ...