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Roosevelt, Usa

i live my life the way i do. some may not like my lifestyles some may not like my attitude, others just dont like me. do i care???? NO i dont give a Shiznit about your opinion of me. i figure if we get along and are friends cool if not oh well. sorry if you may not like that but its how i am and always will be. i love my family with all my heart and beyond. hurt them i hurt you lol. my girl is my world i can never imagine life without her. my man the same way. hes my world my best friend my love and my other half. friends are my world too. love you guys with all my heart even though i can be a beyotch, u r always in my heart. i have 2 dogs that r my babies, i also have a cat 2 fish and 2 frogs lol. i love hunting fishing camping etc. music!!! cant live without it. anything else you want to know ask me im not scared. lol hit me up wenever where ever lol u know how if not u will find the way i have faith in you lol enjoy