Thoughts from long-time users.

Staff and Supporters

Meng To

“What I learned from Shadowness is to have passion in your work and listen to your people. Artists are known for being a bit more moody and chaotic than the usual type. I think with time and experience, they learn to organize themselves, become better designers of their environment and pose themselves more successfully to their audience.”

Interactive Designer • Founder, Designer and Coder

Adam Goldberg

“I discovered Shadowness in 2001 by tracing the most emotive and visually stunning artwork I'd ever seen back to the source: they were all on Unlike other art communities, all of the art on Shadowness is phenomenal. The community is so talented and open to sharing techniques and skills that becoming a member actually makes you a better artist. ”

Photographer • Supporter

Karen Kim

“Growth and knowledge is not propelled through classes and tutorials, but through dabbing with media, and getting to see, first hand, the reaction of people. Shadowness is the most tight knit art community I have yet to encounter. The members are active, and supportive. They range from your highly acclaimed artist, designer, or photographer, to those learning, or those who merely appreciate art, and good company. Although years have passed since I first spent sundown till sunrise socializing and growing with the Shadowness crew, I find, despite my schedule, I constantly return. I made memories and learned lessons no class could have ever taught me, from the people I met through this site.”

Teacher and Graphic Artist • Supporter

David Labbe

“I remember the first time I landed on shadowness a few years ago, it felt like home. For once I found a place where other outcasts like me could get in-depth criticism on their works from like-minded artists and friends. Even though It grew significantly throughout the years, it kept its inspiriting shadow from which we are inspired and once in a while, new people also get to call it home.”

Musician and Illustrator • Staff and Supporter

Michael Braun

“I was immediately hooked on the stunning graphics and the friendly and supportive atmosphere among its members, who constantly push each other to higher levels.”

Photographer • Supporter And Staff Member

David Carron

“As both an illustrator and designer the Shadowness community has helped facilitate the growth of my artistic development. Since its initial launch, it has been an inspiring source of work from creative professionals and aspiring talent a like . With an intuitive site structure and community support, Shadowness will always remain a great place to exhibit work for art enthusiasts and creative scouts. ”

Graphic Designer • Supporter

Rich Donoher

“Having been a member for such a long time, I have made countless new friends and contacts from around the world, all with a common goal. The inspiration and helpful comments have driven many of the artists into new directions, and myself back into education to keep up with the fantastic ideas and designs uploaded on here everyday. And now more than ever, "Browse" for ideas, "Chat" to the staff and members or "Feed" your mind with inspiration from the whole Shadowness Community.”

Multimedia Designer • Supporter And Staff Member

Rich Holt

“A community I've been a part of since '04! Shadowness is a very friendly and approachable place with all the staff are as talkative, active and friendly as any other user, always updating and looking the "shiz". Best of all, some amazing talent! I've found this to be my home for learning, inspiration, feedback and admiration. ”

Interactive Designer • Supporter and Staff Member

Kyle Thacker

“Shadowness is the rare community where members form one large collective group of talent; everyone is friendly, welcoming and willing to help. The opportunities that SN has for members to strive continue to grow as the community gains experience. My time with Shadowness has kept me a member for many years and I will continue to be a part of it for years to come. ”

Photographer / Web Designer • Supporter

Adia Braun

“Shadowness is a cool art community with a modern design but it offers more than art. After the warm welcome from the members who love to share their thoughts I've been getting inspiration and creative ideas from everyone here since 2003. And it keeps getting better and excites me every day.”

Photographer • Supporter

Tudor Oboroceanu

“I've been improving my art thanks this new community I've stumbled upon. Shadowness is one of the greatest art communities I've come across. Its great for photography, Web design, digital art, traditional media and it's filled with awesome people that will help you do the best you can by giving you constructive feedback and friendly comments. Be sure to join if you want to create an awesome portfolio. This is a tight-knit community that trumps all other sites I have been to.”

Digital Artist, Photographer • Supporter

Mason Williams

“I have also been a part of Shadowness since '04. It's a bit like home -- everyone here love art as much as myself. It's a great place to be for all skill levels. And there is always someone that is willing to help.”

Graphic Designer • Supporter