broadsword tuts by unrealsmoker

broadsword tuts

by unrealsmoker in paintings

here is a quick tutorial:

1. Make a quick scratch as usual, i use
sketcher brush by saejinoh(thanks) which is
easy to use both for smoothing and detailing.

2. Do some revision based on clients
suggestion. Still use the sam brush on this.

3. Start to make silhouette of the character.
Mostly i use penciler brush by saejinoh(thanks
again XD), it was great to make details if
used in small size, but also great for texture
if used in big size, and, if we do multiple
scratch the brush can blend the colors well.

4. One of important phase on my technique,
color test. Client didn't have anything to
say, so i'm free to choose the coloring style.
I want "BATTLEFIELD 3" effects, so just splash
a few radiant colors to illuminate the
characters body. NOTE: I use "color dodge"
mode on the upper layer.

5. Back to grayscale for detailing and render
the background, i want smokey feel so the
character will looks mysterious.

6. Allright, all details come nicely, just
need to apply the effects and do some

7. Give details on background, just use some
splatter brushes to make some noise and add
radiant colors behind the character.

8. Paintings almost done, i add a few details,
touch up, give extra effects, and VOILA!!

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