Photo/Graphics/Illustrations •

Littleton, USA

Born in the Mountains of Colorado and still enjoying all it has to offer, music and all the various forms of art really have shaped who I am since before I even started elementary school to half way through my Bachelors degree. All the different Faucets of this world have captivated terrified and soothed me.

From working in an art gallery to selling my photography prints and graphic design; as well as having my works displayed and published, I have explored many different avenues in the art world, trying to decide how I want to make my mark. From graphically altered works to literature to traditional arts and Crafts I have explored my interests with great fervor. As well as experienced ups and downs. The only explanation i can give, is it breathes life into me, with out art i cannot exist.

I finally have decided how and what and mostly where and would love the opportunity to change the way people think.

I hope you give me the opportunity to perpetuate positively on, and take the opportunity to let your self be swayed by the experience.