Titqet, Lillooet B.C., Canada

My name is Luther Brigman, I am from the Statimc nation, My parents are Fred and Debbie (Rhodes) Brigman, I was born in Merritt B.C., I lived my younger years in Ashcroft, Cache Creek, During school I moved over to Lillooet, where my family comes from. Then later moved down to Bella Coola, B.C. My family originates from a area known as towinock IR,(cat cr.),(Txwinek) n,ear Lillooet B.C., along the fraser river.

I am an artist. I have been drawing most of my life. My artworks are mostly wildlife, native art. I also do portraits, carving, painting, etc. I have been mostly self taught, have been influenced by observing others, and learning things from different people in my life, mostly my father. I prefer to use photographs as a reference for my pieces, for the reason that, light and color change every second, and a photo is the only way to capture all the true colors and lighting of an image. most all of my works stem from photos. I owe the greatest appreciation to photographers.

I use pencil, pencil crayon, and pen, on white, and black acid free, recycled papers. I have been selling originals. The inspiration that gave me the push to where I’m at now, came from my parents, family and friends. My mother was always there being supportive, It was her that gave me the push I needed to continue on with my art. My dad was the one that helped me advance my detail, and dimensions, through out my life. He always challenged me with new ideas, and suggested new techniques. My inspiration for wildlife, and nature came from all the traveling I have done in the past with my parents, and my grandparents (Ellen and Harry Rhodes ). The spirit of nature and wildlife have always been with me, and in my art, I imagine from my father teaching me stuff in the woods, going on hikes, camping, rock hounding, hunting, fishing, and traveling around to different places, keeping me in touch with nature, and wildlife through out my life.

A the age 17, I moved to the Nuxalk territory, ( Bella Coola B.C.), and learned some of the west coast native art styles from my mentor, Schoomack, (Richard Pollard) artist, carver, silverworker. In Bella Coola i lived for about 7 years, selling originals, its the place I began selling my art, and got into it full time. From learning some of their native art styles, designs, and carvings, I began to incorperated them into my art as well. Bella Coola is a very inspirational, and sacred place. Beautiful west coast nature, and wildlife. I owe the greatest respect to the Nuxalk (Bella Coola) people for all their support for the time i lived there. Also for where my art has made it to today. A lot of my purchased art in Bella Coola, has made it all over the world, from being offered as gifts, at ceremonies, potlaches, and gatherings. An amazing place to live, filled with life, beautiful nature, wild animals, culture, and dances. And the amazing traditional Nuxalk artwork talent, is abundant through out the people there.

Now i have moved back close to home, Lillooet B.C. on the Titqet IR. Here I sell art, as well as work as a security guard. Most my originals sold here, are sold locally.