Seffora Magdalene Delacroix by toland

Seffora Magdalene Delacroix

by toland in Gothic Art

This character is copyright Keanna Jones, although I made her over pretty heavily. I loved her face and asked Keanna if she would be okay with me giving her a makeover and luckily she said that was fine.

This image cannot be used for anything. Thanks.

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  • ErickaHampton


    i love your painting Tiffany but for the whole time that i have been following your works on Facebook and now here i would really like to see you use some harder brushes. All of your works, though beautiful, are all soft, sort of spray paint like. I would like to see you very up your hard brushed to give some aspects of your work a more dynamic look that would stand out with all the soft brushes.

    just my two cents lol ^_^

    Mar 21st, 2012 Reply
    • toland


      Hi Ericka, I actually predominantly paint with a hard round brush, but I prefer my paintings to be heavily blended and to have a soft dreamlike quality. :)

      Mar 21st, 2012 Reply
    • ErickaHampton


      got cha. I see its more of a technique and work flow then anything ^_^. still love your work nonetheless

      Mar 21st, 2012 Reply
  • JurgenDoe


    Beautiful and nice work

    Mar 8th, 2012 Reply Subscriber
  • Mizzabelle


    Well done, I haven't seen the original but this is beautiful.

    Mar 8th, 2012 Reply
  • Litavis


    Indeed she has very beautiful face,nice work

    Mar 8th, 2012 Reply Mind Artist