Student from LAZÉ University •

San Jose, Philippines

I'm one those etiquette guys who are laid back. You know me very well if I'm nice to you. I tend to be selective when making friends. If you're ignored, please ignore back. Click More for more!

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I've been an active user since I joined Shadowness. I've already seen many artistic work before signing up. I do not remember how I stumbled here, I just happen to discover an underground-like website filled with amazing artists around the world. Since I'm international friendly, especially towards the Asian community, I enjoy diverse cultures. The job of my dreams would have to be photojournalism for Mix Martial Arts. It'd be awesome to do some work at the Ultimate Fighting Championship events such as weigh ins, interviews, and fights. It'd be an honor to work under U.F.C. Asia! Traveling would be fun too since I get to see more of the world. Rather than just taking pictures of professional fighters, I too would take pictures of this world that has such beauty for my own recreational purposes.

My Equipment: unfinished*
⋆ Targus TGT-BK58T tripod a.k.a. Black Thunder
⋆ Targus TG-MP6710 monopod a.k.a. Dark Lightning
⋆ Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D
⋆ Canon lens EF 50mm
1:1.8 ii ø 50mm ❀ 0.45m/1.5ft
⋆ Canon zoom lens EF 75-300mm
1:4-5.6 iii ø 58mm ❀ 1.5m/4.9ft
⋆ Canon zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm
1:3.5-5.6 IS ii ø 58mm ❀ 0.25/0.8ft
Tiffen Steadicam Merlin
Canon lens 24-105mm f/4L IS USM

Visual Communications, Literature, Chess, Poker, Sinsemilla, Karaoke, Voice Acting, Comedy, Fishing, Camping, TKD-BJJ, Kickboxing, MMA, 5x5 Weight Lifting, Eat, Sleep, Study, Train Insaiyan, and Entertain.

Favorite Foods:
Phở with extra tendon ♨, Rice, Steamed Broccoli, BBQ, Chicken Thighs, Tocino, Seaweed Salad, and Eel

Favorite Drinks:
Gold Standard Whey, Diet Mount Dew, Canada Dry's Diet Ginger Ale Green Tea, Organic Milk, Kahlúa, and Avocado Boba.

Guilty Pleasures:
I watch movies or TV series that interests me. I sing or listen to music whenever I'm alone; like when I take a shower or when I'm using the lavatory. I like to review art, fights, and movies. I love podcasting and voice acting, especially in funny discussions. When I'm at my professional state, I'm at my serious behavior. If you can trust me like most of my close friends, you know how I roll.

Turn On’s/Likes:
Generosity, bright personality, open minded, humorous, and laid-back. Most importantly; optimism, enthusiasm, empathy, realism, and honesty! I like recreational arts, camerawork, literature, relaxing music, Asians, and the internet.

Turn Off’s/Dislikes:
Impudence, controversies, hypocrites, disrespecting people, uptight fits, dishonesty, pity, lack of decency, douche-baggery meatheads, creeps, bullies, swagtards and their sauce, base god, salty chocolate, women with horrible personality, self-centered narcissism, insolent children, no wi-fi, men being too physically touchy towards women, and crazy white people.

⋆ Photography
I enjoy taking pictures for recreational purposes. I store most of my portfolio work in a external hard-drive. Shadowness is temporarily the website I use to present a little of my work.
⋆ Mix Martial Arts
Sounds bad ass? (ง'̀-'́)ง Wrong! Though it does sound macho, it's actually painful. From sparring to real fighting, training is well worth the experience. I started MMA training when I was tired of getting bullied during high school. After having my poetic justice, I was satisfied with the ending results. Today, I continue to discipline myself and blow off steam when I'm in the blue. I still practice so that I can protect myself and those I care for. Pretty much my close friends and family. To everyone else, I play the dumb and innocent card.
⋆ Filmmaking
I enjoy working with cameras a lot. I grew up watching a lot of Jackie Chan movies. During highschool, I had a hybrid stunt team to work with. All of them were good friends of mine. We had a lot of fun. The only downside was that they didn't have the availability to work with collaborative projects from different stunt teams. I end up having my own "cameo" with two of the best stunt teams from Washington Sate; Trix Or Pho - Seattle Stunt Team and Lunar Stunts from Longview. I represented my stunt team as well; Engima Stunt Team from Des Moines. Check it out!

Note of Professionalism:
*Please excuse my foul language in Shadowness, I am presenting my interest, my humor, and my Shadowness persona. Understand that I do behave the same as I behave myself in the internet in some degree; internet behaviors can be misleading and may have a misunderstanding.

My Quotes:


"Ya' fuckin' non-literate."

"Losing can also be a lesson."

"Fuck berries and crap baskets."

"Forget the waivers, he's fucked."

"Go to school and make sense, not cents."

"I'm a multi-literate douche-bag on Facebook."

"Only evidence in actions will bring my attention."

"An ordinary person can never beat a trained fighter."

"If it's better than nothing, might as well have fun with it."

"People who hold education and literacy in high esteem."

"If I ever see you in the same college parties that I'm in, you're fucked."

"Though I am strongly nice, I too can be a cold, heavy hearted asshole."

"In your face I will." (My answer when my colleagues ask if I'm coming.)

"Am I throwing blocks of chicken at you? I'm just having a nice conversation."

"A real man doesn't call any woman a bitch, unless she's impudent and insane."

"I respond in control, but if that trolling bully wants me to snap, I'll make sure he's sent to Snap City."

"Do I seriously have to buy you a pocket knife for this date, just so that you can stab me if I do any harm?"

"Young? Who says I have to be older than 25? You're prettier than the young women I know." 4/12/2013 ღ

"I'll only be around if it's the people I enjoy to hang around. That's why I excuse myself to exclude myself. No offense."

"You can't prove love to someone with just words, it's the actions behind promises that reveal your honesty and true self".

"Sometimes, people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons but because they just know instinctively that things will get worse if they stay."

"Who are these hoes you speak of? Why are you defining these women hoes?" (My question after my friend follows the code, "bros before hoes".)

"Honesty is a discipline to not lie. If you lied in the past, you can always adjust and change. If you're hated for lying, then do your best to start a new honest life."

"In generosity, I am forever in your debt of kindness and respect. Your grace is enough. In animosity, you're screwed. It'll be sad if you underestimate my persistence."

"My past is nothing if I'm no longer the same. I would hate to bring him back from the dead. If that ever happens, I'd kill myself to save everyone's time, grudge, and mentality."

"For once, I find homework fun, challenging, and intense as playing video games. It's just like getting pwned by a camper, t-bagged, bunker rushed, pwning feeders, and lag."

"You do know if I remember your name, it's because you're someone I wish to remember and not to forget. For those I do wish to forget, you've scarred me with your personality."

"You're a buzz kill if you're trying to join my community when I don't know you well enough. My instincts detects bullshit when I see it. Just makes me more convinced to hate you more."

"Sometimes, when I don't get what I want as I planned and expected altogether, especially to my liking, I get hyped up with rage. Times like that, I change directions, hoping their is nothing in my way."

"Teach and condition a nerd or a geek how to defend himself, he'll overcome and control his fears with calm retaliation. Having him become open to express dominance by a tick, have fun with that -- your words will be useless against his rage."

"There will be a day I will no longer give a rat's ass about internet communication. I truly enjoy being up close, face to face communication with actual activity. Unless you're someone I want to hang out with or collaborate on an interesting project."

"Glad to know I'm not the rude fuck, going for physical touching. Have some decency and respect damn it! You're fucking up and ruining the definition of being a gentleman! Shit, you just fucking suck and just claim to be one so you can earn your ego boost, you pile of insolent shit!"

"Over thinking won't do any good, that's what causes fear. Thinking carefully before actually making the choice in a well managed time is more sufficient. Their will always be obstacles that'll bring you down. As long as you're not dead, you can always bounce back for more and fight back, or try different options. Giving up can also be an option."

"For those that can't pronounce my name because of the "difficulty", it's cool. But for those that sees me as the "Tee-James' twin" and cannot say my name, knowing that you know my name and knowing the damn difference between the two of us, quit giving me an aneurysm from your sheer stupidity. I wish to be put in a cage with these dumb asses where I can teach them how to say my name. And I swear to God, I will make them sound like Helen Keller."

"It's kinda funny comparing yourself from the times you wanted to give up from the most fucking ridiculous things to where you now stand. I have to admit, I was pretty pathetic back then. Journeyed through so much improvements, I look back at the traces and wondered what made me moved forward. It turns out, the people I care about makes me better. Who cares of what other people think, as long as you're with those you love, everything will be okay. With the dramatic changes, I still believe I have to improve myself."

"Good talk, I guess becoming good at something makes you eye catching... I can beat the shit out of the bad boys these women speak of. Let me end their hot, egotistic dignity with a good ol' fashion ass-kicking cage fight. It'd be unfair, yet, satisfying. Sure they think they're "the shit" by bullshitting their claims and trying to look good, but wouldn't it be interesting to see a their loss? Gotta' love their confidence and underestimations, it's always their biggest mistake."

"Maybe if you display no interest, no attention, and no interaction with those people you're so pissed about or wanting to avoid, you wouldn't worry a damn thing. And if that's not enough, just fight like you're fighting for your life. Fight with all your might until all that rage and anger flies out of your system that you've been holding onto for being annoyed, scared, or too nice. Improving under the radar is better. Coming back as a skilled elite intimidates to those that talk complete bullshit about you. Apply that to your daily life. Maybe doing all that will prove them wrong."

~ Tee-Jake Ancheta