Hand-drawings, Photography

, Norway

Self-taught Norwegian Missy ♥

I joined SN when I was about 15. Enjoyed this beautiful community ever since. (OMG That's like 10 years!!)

I mostly do hand drawings with a pencil in black and white. I've experimented with PS, digital art and photo manipulation. Recently I've tried painting as well. I love photography, though I'm not very good at it, I try ^^,

Everything I do is based upon my own need to express my self creatively. That's just how I was born. I may not be the best artist out there, but I make art because I enjoy it. Hopefully someone else may enjoy it too (yaaay) :)

I'll see if I can find some of my old uploads, as they have been lost when this site was relaunched at some point.

Keep on Rockin' people! Love to see all of your great art! Keeps inspiring me every day ^^,