BLOCKED by timocorpse


by timocorpse in illustration

At first it was all bliss
something I never missed
but one time you left me
hanging like a chime in chills
NOw I cant discern the gist

a rotten bastard who pretends to be sensitive
If you're not? then prove me wrong!!
The jar has been filled, overflowing
Patience was abducted by your actions
Bedazzled by your decisions

There's a time for everything under the sun
A time to reap and a time to sow
Subconcious mind tells me to have a sweet revenge
But I refused not to do so
I'll remain good and humble never on rage.

For now, we better stay like cadaver's in grave
At peace and quiet
no distractions, no conflicts
It is for our friendship to be saved
from bitterness and forgetfulness.
I'll go astray, if that will make you happy.

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