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Brooklyn, United States

Art started to manifest in my life when I was in elementary school, one of the teachers told my mother about my interest in art. She then showed her numerous pieces I did in the art class; my mother was interested, so she began signing me up for art classes at the Pratt Institute on Saturdays (2003). I soon became fascinated by visual arts myself, when I noticed the kid next to me was drawing with far more detail and skill than I could dream of. This ignited my personal drive to become a stronger and more skilled artist. After those Saturday classes at Pratt, I applied for a middle school that offered an art program in order to harvest and harness the skills that I learned from the Saturday classes. Throughout my years in high school, I took a wide range of art classes, going from anatomy to photography, which allowed me to access a broader horizon of artistic mediums. During my junior and senior years (2010-2012), I started to become interested in illustration; it was only natural that I signed up for both Children’s Book Illustration and Advanced Illustration in order to improve my skills as an illustrator. As well as illustration, motion also started become a prime interested as well. Animation grabbed my interest when I first got Flash MX on my computer; just the idea of making objects and people move was very intriguing and rewarding. The medium has actually had such an influence on my life that it inspired me to write lesson plans about it during my time working for an after-school program. In short, I spend many of my days practicing and sharpening my craft in order to become a stronger artist.