The Velvet Predator by thefreshdoodle

The Velvet Predator

by thefreshdoodle in Commissions

First, I'd like you to view this in HIGH DEFINITION to appreciate the linework! =D

I was randomly approached by :iconLeeSouthPhoto: official photographer of TNA / Impact Wrestling to do commissioned work for him, and I was like WOW! awesome!

His request was to turn one of his famous models/wrestlers Velvet Sky into a bad ass Predator look, which is exactly what I did!

It was very challenging at first, especially trying to get that Fresh Doodle feel into the subject and it's the first time I've drawn bio-mech armor, a sexy ass(lol) and weapons altogether. But fortunately, it all turned out great and he was happy, I was happy too lol I had a lot of fun doing this piece, a great experience!

Credits to Lee South for providing me shots of Velvet Sky! ->

Also don't forget to view this piece in HIGH DEFINITION, appreciate the lines baby =D ->

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