Reindeer by thefreshdoodle

Posted on Deviant Art 12-22-2011, A VERY VERY VERY Belated Merry Xmas everyone LOL!

"I've been seeing a lot of Christmas / Holiday artworks being submitted lately, so I'd like to join the club and come up with my own! This holiday week has been mad crazy because of commissions, I've been drawing almost everyday and now that I'm on a roll I've managed to squeeze this one in. :D This is my attempt at Santa's Reindeer... in his wildest dreams lol. Aside from the colors and the reindeer horns, what other elements do you see that is so Christmasy(i don't know how to spell it :D)? It's quite obvious guys, but please tell me.

Now back to the drawing board, need to work on a few more commissions :D

So far my holidays have been Absolutely Doodle-icious! Merry Christmas guys!"


Absolutely Doodle-icious!
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