HELLSPAWN by thefreshdoodle

I’ve been asked so many times now, “Are you a pro? Do you do sequential arts? Would you like to do sequential arts? Are you comfortable doing sequential arts?” My initial answer was, “what is sequential arts? Sorry I’m a noob here” lol. To those who don’t know yet, sequential arts simply means graphic story telling or COMICS, comic books or comic strips lol. It does sound more intimidating, but yeah it’s just as simple as that. Point here is, as much as I love doing conceptual art, my style(often described as unique by most people hehe) and technique is still heavily influenced by comic art and it’s been getting a lot attention from writers and independent publishers.

Ok so I’ve given it some thought and might as well give it a go, so here’s a warm up for you guys, Spawn! No doubt after meeting the man Todd McFarlane at the NYCC a week ago, inspired me to create draw the piece. The look is based on the mid 90′s McFarlane / Greg Capullo days of Spawn.

One more thing, this piece is also available canvass print, ipad/laptop skin, and iphone/ipod skin and case at http://society6.com/freshdoodle

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