Frevolution: Common Ground by thefreshdoodle

Frevolution: Common Ground

by thefreshdoodle in Frevolution

There are two reasons why I consider this a special piece; 1) It's my first piece for 2012! Yoohoo! 2) It's my first installment on my 'Frevolution' project. A lot of firsts here huh! As described on my profile page, 'Frevolution' simply means improving an existing piece to a more complex and FRESHER form.

As you can see the image above shows my 2nd take(top), while the image below is the original one, drawn fairly 4 years ago. Now it's your job to tell me, 'Frevolved' or NOT 'Frevolved'? :D

I'm no expert in Japanese culture and I don't what the hell I was smoking while drawing this piece years back. I honestly have no clue if tigers and geishas in a painting makes sense at all lol! But I do believe both are known to entertain, not all tigers though, but you get what I'm saying. :D A common ground.

Full view of the 2008 work -->
Full view of the 2012 work -


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Hope you guys like it!

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