Commission: Aeacus Marine by thefreshdoodle

Commission: Aeacus Marine

by thefreshdoodle in Commissions

Holiday Commission: Aeacus Marine

My last piece for 2011, I'm so psyched that I will no longer be putting '11 on my pieces and moving on to '12. The year has just passed by so fast lol. So about the piece, of all commissions I've had, this may be the most unique. Most work I've done are just regular portraits, but for this one client requested that I'd put him in a marine suit from the popular Blizzard game STARCRAFT 2, which I also play regularly lol. Client's id is Aeacus, 1v1 Diamond, 2v2 Master League hahaha, to anyone who plays you just might cross paths :D

Alright guys hope you enjoy this piece, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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