20:  Pacquiao 03 by thefreshdoodle

20: Pacquiao 03

by thefreshdoodle in The Fresh Doodle

Posted in Deviant Art 1st week of May leading into Pacquiao - Mosley fight, yes I know, this is pretty old shit! haha!

Pacquiao 03: The Congressman

3rd submission for the "Pacquiao Week Series", only a few more days til fight night! I still may have one or two more after this, it depends on my mood. :)

As we all know boxing and politics errr, don't really work together, but fortunately for Pacquiao it did. Few months after he was elected Congressman of the Saranggani province, he fought Margarito and the new job title didn't seem to affect his training nor performance at all, i mean look at Margarito's face it was a f*ckin mess. Most people think running for congress is a bad idea but i guess Pacquiao can't sit still doing just one thing. Besides that, knowing how hard it is to live a poor life motivated him to help his people and give them better lives.

This guy is so popular I'm not dismissing the idea that someday he will become President of the Philippines lol, sounds scary but I'm serious man. LOL

Oh and btw regarding the artwork itself, he looks kinda older because i used to many lines, but i guess it fits him being the congressman. Lastly, Manny rocks the Bieber hair LOL.

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