Warmth by t4mk4t


by t4mk4t in Digital Works

An emotional work, this piece is for my husband. I sketched the original drawing during a period of separation and it has been one of his favorites of mine for a long time. Last Christmas (2011) he bought me my very first Wacom Tablet...this seemed a natural pick for my first digitally-colored piece.

I chose a cel-style for the coloring as the original is drawn in my cartoony style (this is what I end up with when I don't use references and draw straight from imagination). I used GIMP to clean up the lineart and render the color. I played around with layers this time, experimenting with "division," "multiply," "soft light" and other layer types. I have also fallen head-over-heels for not just the tablet, but for the "ink pen" tool as well!

I hope to do more work in this style as it is really fun to do! I welcome comments and critiques on this, my first digital painting.

GIMP, no references used.

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