The Flying Buttresses Logo by t4mk4t

The Flying Buttresses Logo

by t4mk4t in Colored Pencils

Here is the final logo created for my boyfriend's Spartan Race team! The name was another member's idea, but the flying pig was his idea; I was not a fan of it at first, but the concept grew on me as I struggled with the pose.

While it was like pulling teeth to get me to finish this, I really enjoyed the work because I was able to try a new inking technique which I feel allowed me to achieve a sort of "tattoo flash" look. Ironically, I noted earlier that I was going to pursue colored pencil drawings with LESS ink, and yet, here is one with MUCH more! ;)

The letters were created in GIMP, using was my first rodeo as far as paths go. I think it turned out okay...what do you think?

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