My Weird by t4mk4t

My Weird

by t4mk4t in Colored Pencils

I leave the heat of the desert behind, a gentle breeze rising immediately, cooling the sweat on my brow. I have been to this oasis before; and I know she waits for me here.

I find the pool of clear water at the center of the oasis. She sees me then; her red, swirling eyes lock with mine as she heaves herself laboriously to her feet. Her belly--full to bursting with new life--nearly touches the ground as she ambles towards me. She grumbles at her negligent brother, who has clearly done something to lose her favor--and his crown--while her other brother taunts the foolish one.

I reach my hand out to stroke her strong neck; she purrs at my touch, her eyes closing to slits. She communicates her joy at my return in waves of brilliant color in my mind; she has labored here while I tarried topside, incubating ideas and nurturing her creations in preparation for my return.

Now that I have seen my Weird again I realize the peace, confidence and self-trust that I had been seeking topside; I will linger here, playing in my mental oasis, helping my Weird to birth the ideas she has incubated for me.

With this piece I tossed out the ink outline but wanted to still define the solid edges, especially of the interior areas; I think the dark brown tapered outline worked well here. I also tried a higher quality bristol board and am highly pleased with the way I was able to stack and manipulate the pigments; it reminded me of working with pastels. Finally, I used Saral transfer paper for the first time and found most of my transfer issues completely relieved by this simple product! While the scan predictably altered the colors, I feel that--all in all--this piece is a success.

Colored Pencils on Bristol Vellum

UPDATE: 14 Jan 2013 - Uploaded a new scan which I feel is a better representation of the colors of the original piece

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