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It can be said that in our psyche there are many doors; the key to these is the right question. The process of individuation, or building Soul, requires that we do the hard work of finding the keys so that we may unlock these doors and see what there is to see...

Perhaps the hardest part of this is enduring what we find inside...what we have glimpsed we cannot ignore; the little token key will bleed profusely unless we face the horrors behind the door and take action to deal with them. We build Soul and strengthen our animus when we can face these "horrors," see the energies for what they are, deconstruct them and then rebuild them into something useful.

I have been immersed in this sort of thing lately, and while re-reading C. P. Estes' Women Who Run with the Wolves (1995) the image of this key came to me. I saw it as a good opportunity to explore myself, redirect some energy into creating and to discover the capabilities of my new Wacom tablet.

I first sketched the key on paper, then traced over the drawing on the tablet before painting completely over the original line work. I am mostly pleased with the way it came out and am encouraged to do more work with the tablet; for future works I would like to challenge myself to create more depth by using a wider range of values...your critique is most welcome. :grin


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