Jaws Of Love by t4mk4t

Jaws Of Love

by t4mk4t in Line Art

I love alligators; to me, these beauties are deeply misunderstood. For instance, they are capable of delivering immense crushing force with their jaws and yet, an incubating mother will delicately take each of her eggs into her mouth to test their readiness, carefully puncturing a ready egg to facilitate emergence. When encountered in their natural habitats alligators will freeze, relying on their ability to blend into their surroundings to escape harassment (I witnessed this several times during an internship in a swamp sanctuary). As a keystone species their presence and activities in their natural ecosystems support a great number of other species; they create "alligator holes" which support aquatic life during the drier seasons, providing food for wading birds. Their activities also support a stable swamp ecosystem by keeping vegetation in check and cutting down on invasive species such as nutria. Plus...they are just plain gorgeous! Those scales, those large, liquid eyes, those claws, that lazy power and grace....gorgeous! XD

I found this piece in my portfolio recently--I had completely forgotten about it! I still consider this piece a fair representation of my ability at creating line art; I am debating on how I would like to color it (if at all). Any suggestions?

Micron pens

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