Industrial Debris by subjektzero

Industrial Debris

by subjektzero in advanced vectorwork

I've been asked to joining for an artwork on the Earth Day Exhibition 2012, held by the young generation of Visual Communication Design, Sebelas Maret University. The brief is about make a poster with simple regreen themed. But I think it's too much work that have the same theme after all. So I'm asking myself how and I decided to make something different. When I looked into my partner's Piece, /adithtirta that he had just make an artwork that related to regreen themed, therefore, I saw his piece as a good refference for me.

Finally, I draw an Earth with metal plates and contains a lot of gears and hard matters, just want to illustrate how the earth has a millions of metal debris that come from Industrial movements. I saw it much like a critical disease, like cancer. And then finished this work with dark colors for a bleak scene over the whole work.

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