Bangus the Tormentor by ssweetHeartless

Bangus the Tormentor

by ssweetHeartless in Sea Monster Entry

A legendary creature in eternal slumber, it is awaken by civil war above the sea. although only few know and believe of its existence, Bangus may be the Apex predator on land and sea along with its beauty. Even with just a size similar to an adult elephant, it's still so powerful that it has the ability to lord over the largest and fiercest sea creatures. Legend says that one mighty roar can summon a thunderstorm. That's the time where Bangus rises from the bottom of the ocean using its strong tail to jet thru the surface of the water and unleash chaos on land, Its senses become so high that it can detect prey up to fifteen kilometers away. Its body is covered with thick scales and large fins that can retract when on land. The speed of its jaw bite is swift and one whip of its tail can sink a cargo vessel. Its tentacles full of boils that stores electric current flare outwards when its threathened or angry and four long tentacles send strong shocks that can kill a whale in an instant.

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