Divided-Seclusion by srcreations


by srcreations in Mixed Media

I guess you could day I have been working with other ideas, inspired you could say. I have always liked the mixed media work of artists such as Aegis-Strife, nFeel, kuschelirmel, nighty just to name a few. So I thought I would give it a try for myself. This for the most part is a first attempt with hopefully more to come soon.

My thoughts and feelings:

I feel this image speaks for itself a first and uncertainty, lost yet enlightened. Much as I was in the process. Please tell Me what you think and your feelings.
Thanks for veiwing and please remember critiques and commentary are always appreciated!!

Stock Usesage

Model by mondkalbstock
Background by ro-stock
Texture by darkrose42-stock
Fractals by moonchilde-stock

All other stocks from stock.xchng

Brushes by : AK-Productions & ro-stock

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  • davidnanchin


    very nice i like that the background is so muted against the explosion of colour coming from her back

    Aug 11th, 2010 Reply
  • R3Birth


    Simply formidable, I like the work and the effects on this creation.

    Oct 2nd, 2008 Reply
  • Yorkie


    that is bloody good as your first attempt at this kind of thing, looks stunning, the light works really well around the back and base of the different patterns.

    I have to agree with Wishingstar, didn't quite spot it at 1st but after looking again, you can see it's slightly off, and one other is the stripped pattern coming out of the back to the top right corner, could fade as it gets further away.

    Other than that, awesome, good job!!

    Jun 3rd, 2008 Reply
  • wishingstar


    very nice style and composition =)
    really like how you've done with the whole colourings.

    one thing i see (though it might not be so much important to the entire composition) is the prespective view that it seemed that she is not really in the environment....

    keep up the good work =)

    Nov 10th, 2007 Reply
  • 7Shadows


    This is really excellent. A very interesting mix of different styles forming a very well-balanced artwork. Great job!

    Nov 8th, 2007 Reply
  • killadore


    excellent. simply excellent. i love how original the idea is, great work, i'm very impressed. 5/5

    Sep 15th, 2007 Reply