Ages in TIme by srcreations

Ages in TIme

by srcreations in Dark

This was supposed to go a completely different way but trashed about half it cause I didn't like where it was going. After taking a break and coming back to it this just kinda poured out of Me. I hope you enjoy I will also be uploading a wall paper version of it soon.

WallPaper Version can be found HERE

Deviant Art Stock

Textures - :iconChristasVengel-stock: and :iconpixeltool-stock:
Skull - :iconChristasVengel-stock:
Snake - :iconlarkawolfstock:
BG Window - :iconiKink:
Ornate Wood - :icongri3v3r-stock:
Clock Face - :iconfotovizions:

SXC - Nest Texture - Vierdrie steel texture - Jazza

Thanks for veiwing and please remember critiques and commentary are always appreciated!!

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