Thoughts of you linger like whispers. by songsoflost

Thoughts of you linger like whispers.

by songsoflost in The existence of life.

(got it to upload right, stupid thing kept uploading a totally different photo with a similar name.... though it was intended for the same purpose as this one.... I'm rambling....)

From December 19th up through the first few months of the year marks the anniversaries of quite a few deaths of loved ones for me and my family.

They were important to others, if not more important to others - I will in no way take away what they meant to anyone else because they actually were closer.

But three of the five were extremely dear to me and served as huge parts of my life. Since 2009 I have made a piece every year to honor them, and I will try my hardest to keep doing so.

So to my father figure, to my friend and to my aunt...... My thoughts of you linger like whispers.

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