Stand To Cater by snowmask

Stand To Cater

by snowmask in Photography; 2006 - 2012


[ I am a working painter; photo-taking is just for fun ]


2006; Hong Kong

This was taken from the window of a really cool upstairs coffee shop, right across the street from where I used to live. It is a kitty cafe! The trend was very popular at the time. Restaurants would go through hell to get the proper licenses so they could have cats roaming around the premises. You're literally sitting there, sipping iced coffee and digging into cake, and some huge fluffy cat would jump up to your booth and demand to be pet.

Downstairs across the street is a famous street stall. The smell of the surrounding area is irresistible. They make incredible anything-on-skewers, and these amazing waffles that look like bloated beehives. In fact if you look real close, there is a girl in pink flipping one of those waffles!

Did I mention I love cities?

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