Liquid Metal Dragon by sixthleafclover

Liquid Metal Dragon

by sixthleafclover in Dragon art

The Mercury Dragon.

The exact origin of these amorphous, construct-liked dragons remains a mystery. The only things sure about them are their high intelligence and proficiency in spell casting. Though they possess many traits of constructs, such as a body of mercurial substance, they do not behave anything like a construct. Each mercury dragon seems to have a distinct personality of their own and can will incredible arcane powers. Few scholars even rumored that they are the next evolutionary aspect of the dragon kind.

A mercury dragon appears as a sculpture of silvery metal with fluidly texture. As none of their nests or even wyrmlings was ever found, the early part of their life is a total mystery. This leaves many to believe that they reproduce asexually, through means of self-replication or other unknown means. The skin feels smooth and cool to the touch. It can feel as rigid as ice or as fluidly as water, depending on the mercury dragon’s control. Though a mercury dragon has a pair of wings, like other dragons, they don’t seem to be using them the same way as other dragons. The wings are only used when sustaining a cruising speed and altitude, but the actual flight was done by a wave-liked motion of the body, like a serpent propelling through water. How they achieve such maneuver remains a mystery, though association with their “elastic” and amorphous body has been made.

Mercury dragon doesn’t seem to have a definitively preferred region of habitat. They, however, can be sighted around more temperate regions, probably because the nature of their body does not interact well with extreme cold or hot. One thing for sure is that seeing them anywhere is a rare sight for the keeping.

Mercury dragon can also be found in subterranean caverns and tunnel networks, taking advantage of the terrain and the amorphous body that can slip around cracks and seams. What they eat has never been seen. In fact, they don’t seem to eat at all. Their sustenance is another mystery as well. As they are extremely rare and excels in the art of escape, it is impossible to trail one and see just what they eat or how they obtain sustenance. One deduction is that they obtain sustenance from sunlight. However, with sightings of mercury dragons in subterranean environment, the deduction has a shaky foundation

Even young mercury dragons can reshape their body in certain degree. Most common reshaping are the claws and spines on back or blades on tail. Claws can be extended while preserving the original hardness. Spines and tail blades can be added at will to inflict tremendous damages to opponents in a fight. A breath weapon of highly toxic gas that can burn through flesh while causing choking and vomiting upon inhalation seems to be a mercury dragon’s choice of attack.

The amorphous and elastic body also provides a boost in a mercury dragon’s ability to withstand physical attacks. The body can contour and reform around the impact. Since it doesn’t seem that a mercury dragon has any real internal organs, this technique is greatly demonstrated and highly effective.

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