Fondant Forest by sixthleafclover

Fondant Forest

by sixthleafclover in Dragon art

Cake Dragon whelps

-Marscapone, the tiramisu cheese cake whelp. This popular little cake has layers of personality and loves to frolic around in cocoa powder. I believe it is the espresso-soaked biscuits which keep it so very active and playful!

-Carrot, No ordinary sweet cake, this little whelp packs some of your daily vitamins with a enhanced sweet tooth smile! It often likes to gaze and watch the the other cake whelps in hopes that others will play with it!

-Fondant, the icing and butter-cream birthday cupcake whelp, is known to be the highlight of any birthday party celebration! “Don't take my candle!” as the little one holds it in it's clutched frosting paws, while giving you that sweet sugary gaze. This cake puts on a good show and has brought a special candle for the occasion to! With a little dragon flame lighting the wick, the celebration begins while singing a happy birthday in merfles to you!
-Maraschino, decorated to please any chocolate and cherry loving cake fanatic. The black forest cake whelp is always full of vigor and a special kick of ingredients which makes this one a crowd pleaser.

-Berry, the strawberry short cake whelp. This little sponge cake soaks up a lot of attention when it strolls around showing off its flavorful mix! It often is found is strawberry syrup pools and sometimes is antagonized by the little red velvet snackers which find its fruits fun to chew on.

-Beetroot, the little red velvet snack cake. It's bright red color often gives it away from it's predatory sneak attacks among the other cakes. It often likes to play and nip at the others without warning.

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