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I am a professional artist that is proficient in many forms of art, especially fantasy art. I love to create dream worlds beyond most others imagination and interpretation. I do favor dragons especially but try to practice many other creatures and fantasy humanoid as well. I work on digital art mostly nowadays, but am accomplished in traditional mediums like gouache, colored pencil, sculpey, and latex as well. I do sculpturing from time to time from my own original concepts. And once in a while design for products that are my own or commissioned by a company/private client.

Usually working on my own projects currently. Merfle! Munchies was my original project that has a delicious world of baby dragon "whelps" transformed into your favorite desserts. I do accept work for private clients and commissions sometimes, please ask me if I am open for them. I also work on my popular dragons series which is know for the infamous "metallic dragons".

-Main professions-

Visual Development Artist / Conceptual 2D Artist / Illustration / Traditional sculpting / Photography

-Honors and Awards-

-Blizzcon 2007 Art Contest First Place Winner.
-Blizzard 2009 Theme Park Contest Grand Prize Winner.
-Blizzard 2010 Fan Art Calendar Contest Runner-Up Prize.
-Grand prize winner of the Blizzcon 2010 Fan art contest.

Other Competition/Exhibitions

Participated in various competitions and exhibitions such as Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2002 and 2003 with Awards of Recognition.