The Real Mummy by sierafox

The Real Mummy

by sierafox in Black & White

It's a Trunyan's Mummy , and from the story of the people who live there , they just put the fresh body from death human for 3 weeks only . His body was only 3 weeks, without buried in the ground. But left in the open air . I took a picture and did not smell any bad smell odors from the site. My guide says, is because the strength of " kemenyan's tree" (that's why people in Bali call this tree Trunyan ), which is said it have the magical powers. This tree that sucks the stench of corpses Trunyan dead body & make it dry .

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  • JurgenDoe


    I wish you could have taken a better shot .. nice explanation too about this dried bodies

    Oct 11th, 2012 Reply Subscriber