The Refiller Cargo Terminal by shue13

The Refiller Cargo Terminal

by shue13 in Digi-Matte Paintings

This is my second entry for the Luminarium's 22nd exhibit, Illuminate V. Exhibit here:

This artwork is part of my 'Terminal' series and then constitutes the third one from the series. Here are below the two other ones:

The backstory of this one is "While a space battle is taking place, the biggest cargo man created ever in space is there to refuel and refill the troops for spaceships at war. But it's a war of pirates though and like a hive the cargo terminal send spaceships to seak for some other energy more valuable that they bring back to the cargo."

Most of the scene is 3DSmax, I modeled everything, inspired from contemporary oïl tankers of course with heavy postwork in photoshop. Loving to do that!!!

I hope you're gonna like this third piece as I spend quite a lot of time putting details as usual.

Thanks for faving, watching, sharing my work.

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