The Haunted Station by shue13

The Haunted Station

by shue13 in Wallpaper

It's been a while I wanted to make a Dualscreen wallpaper. I've been working on this one for a bit of time to bring something worth looking at on two screens.
Here is The Haunted Station that for me was a true challenge in terms of painting and composition. I decided to develop my painting skills and hope not dissapointing you guys.
Almost everything here has been painted and texturized with care to give the scene lots of credibility and atmosphere.
The work in perspective was pain in the ass as I combined three different points and decided not to work with pure horizontal lines.

The story if there is one: a haunted station wandering in the cosmos, abandomned through ages, until a space ship discovered it through a flashing light they saw far away, like an SOS. So they come for a rescue or maybe for their own death, lol!! (Too much influenced by Alien and stuff here, ah ah...)

In brief I truly hope you'll like it 'cause I put lots of time and heart in this piece.

I would truly appreciated your comment or notice if used as wallpaper on your desktop. Thanks!

No real stocks here except for bits of buildings I shot in London two weeks ago. All the rest is painting.


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