Sulphurygen by shue13


by shue13 in Digi-Matte Paintings

I had the extreme privilege to visit a refinery a couple of months ago and with the exceptional authorisation of the Refinery of Grandpuits in France I had this plate, and couldn't resist turning it into a sci-fi matte painting.

I assure you, the visit was just awesome, I know I know a refinery is not the glamourous place ever but it is just another world. You feel like being in a gloomy scene from Blade Runner movie, with steam, pipes everywhere, noise, and oil smells. I went around 35m up the ground just exactly where the two aliens are. Kind of creepy he he...!

Hope you will like it, this is mostly 2D for I pushed further my painting skills. Basically only the main spaceships have been modelled in Zbrush but postworked quite a lot.

Cheers for your favs and comments!
Textures and stocks are mine.

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