HORIZON Illustration 2 by shue13

HORIZON Illustration 2

by shue13 in Digi-Matte Paintings

Commissioned piece I made for the studio L30 Interactive from Canada and his brand new game HORIZON.

Matte painting which depicts the exploration of an alien planet from a space crew. The mystery is totally there, is there still inhabitants, what's inside that city???

The game itself is a 4X Space Strategy game more info here: http://www.horizongame.com/

and you can purchase the game for very reasonable price here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/236130/

This image is copyrighted L30 Interactive.


Original plate and textures are mine. Except planet texture from NASA stock.

Some buildings were modeled in 3Dsmax but most where fully painted.

Spaceship model from the game itself owned by L30 Interactive.

This painting will be printed on the physical product that should be released in stores pretty soon. Show them some love they really deserve it.

Hope you like it!!!

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