Graphic Artist •


My name is Sebastien Hue, I'm from France and live in Paris' suburb. I'm proudly member of the International Art group "The Luminarium" and I'm the author, composer of my own metal band called 13-Digits. We released an EP album last year and this is what pushed me to learn and develop skills in graphic design for the artworks and the logo of the band.

I discovered the awesome possibilities of photoshop and its digital universe, and practised more and more on my own with great interests in Space art and Matte painting. I really enjoy mixing both genres and aim at creating epic backgrounds and environments which the viewer can project himself into.

I've been sollicitated by the Oracom group (Advanced Creation Photoshop) to make several tutorials for the magazine and books, and is opened for commission if my work pleases you.
I tend to become more and more accurate in my art and wish to become inspiring for other artists.