Looking For a Few by shortCakeSlayer

Looking For a Few

by shortCakeSlayer in Digital Work

This print will be shown in a variety show next week at nYne bistro in Spokane, WA, dedicated to raising money for PTSD treatment for women and children in Isreal and Palestine. Artists (all women) were encouraged to show work that touched on their own experiences. This started as something completely different but way more shallow, and ended up becoming a collage of my own experiences and feelings as a female Marine who still struggles with PTSD herself. Not sure if it's any good, but I'm sure it's definitely mine.

I wish it wasn't displayed so tiny; the work is about 40 inches by 15 inches, so some of that massive length is lost in it's display here, but what can a girl do?

Photoshop, about 10 hours.

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